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Grammarly offers instant writing help for students with a Bluefield College email address.  Sign up for a free account and get started.  No waiting for a response.

Just click the SIGN UP link at the top of the Grammarly page. Fill in the information using your BC email address.  Click the authentication link sent to your BC email and you will be able to instantly access TONS of help including help to make sure you aren't plagiarizing! 

Smarthinking Online Writing Lab

The purpose of the online writing lab is to help students learn how to improve their own writing and giving them an electronic platform to use when they are very busy.   The tutors for the online writing lab review essays and make suggestions for improvement. They DO NOT proofread, edit or "fix" papers. Students are shown the types of problems or errors in their work, given an example or two of how to improve, and are provided with references to help them learn how to fix their own errors.    



Please allow 48 to 72 hours turn around time for your essay to be reviewed.  We often turn them around more quickly but it is important that students plan ahead of time for review.

Smarthinking Online Writing Lab

Using the Smarthinking Writing Lab is easy. Your username for your Smarthinking account is your email address and the password is Bluefield

Please email regarding other technical difficulties. 

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Writing Help Handouts
Quick Guide to the Writer's Reference Handbook (.pdf, 278K)
This guide is a quick reference for the Writer's Reference Handbook with a listing of common issues and errors that occur in written work  and the page numbers within the book that addresses these errors.
Purdue Owl quick link guide (.pdf, 93K)
Helpful list of links for the Purdue OWL.
Use of Second Person - An academic no-no (.pdf, 58K)
Learn why using "you" in your paper could cost you points.
Do your prounouns agree? Make sure they do! (.pdf, 69K)
This is a common error that even good writers miss.  Find out if you are doing by reviewing this handout.
Create more variety with transition words (.pdf, 204K)
Read Grammar Girl's tips on adding "flavor" to your writing with a variety of transition words.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

Here are some quick links when you need quick answers.

    Click the following links for the help you need!  



Just to clarify, should a comma go after “just to clarify?” Click here  to find out!


Accept &Except and Affect & Effect

Should you “accept” or “except?” Find out about how to choose the “write,” I mean, the right word !

Remember Affect is a verb and Effect is a noun.


Coordinating Conjunctions

So why can’t I start a sentence with a small conjunction  like so, or, and?




can be tricky; they’re useful when you skip the fanboy

(For-And-Nor-But-Or-Yet) conjunction.


Pronoun Agreement

You can’t say that somebody stole their car. Pronoun agreement says so. To find out why, click here.



Want some extra help spelling?


Quotation Marks

“Listen here,” he said, “you need to use quotation marks  when I’m speaking to you.”



Sometimes, I, don’t, know, where, to, put, commas , so, I, put, them, everywhere.



 If I capitalize  English and Fall 2013, why not biology and summer?


Sentence Structure

Do you want to know what it means to structure a sentence?



Should I be writing in the present tense  or wrote in the past?



Do I need to use an apostrophe  to show its mine? 


Run-On Sentences

This sentence is running on  and on and it’s looking like it’ll never end do you think?



So plagiarism  means that I can’t say that I said what he said that she said?