Individualized Academic Plan (IAP)

The Individualized Academic Plan provision is designed to allow students the additional time needed to become successful, while retaining their financial aid eligibility, with the goal of bringing the student’s performance up to the standards set out in the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy. It is the student’s responsibility to seek out the tutoring and other assistance necessary to improve academically, and to meet with his or her adviser and the Director of Academic Support Services if needed.

This plan includes:

The GPA projection worksheet that includes the projected course schedule for completion of degree. 

The statement/signature from the registrar’s office/financial aid office or the academic support office that verifies the student’s ability to achieve a 2.0 G.P.A. and graduate within 10 semesters of financial aid eligibility. 

A study plan created with the assistance of the Academic Support staff that outlines expected steps toward achieving a satisfactory GPA at the end of the warning/probation semester or soon thereafter.

Directions for completing the Individualized Academic Plan (IAP)

Step 1.  Secure a copy of the unofficial transcript by downloading from the Student tab of MyBC. Click "courses" and then look for your unofficial transcript. This will give you the information you will need to start working on your GPA Projection Worksheet. You will need to look for your current HGPA and your current Q.Pts. This info will be used on your Student GPA Projection Worksheet.

Step 2.  Complete the Student GPA Projection Worksheet found under the "Documents to Download" section of this page. The goal should be to reach a 2.0 gpa by the end of the semester. If this is not possible, the students should project future semesters until this goal can be reached. It is important to reach this goal quickly in order to avoid the risk of losing financial aid. You may not know your courses for future semesters, but you can still enter projected grades you must receive to work toward the 2.0 requirement.

This GPA Projection Worksheet is an Excel spreadsheet that contains formulas to calculate the student's GPA over several semesters. When completing, be careful not to alter the formulas. If this occurs, the spreadsheet may not calculate correctly. Download a fresh copy and re-enter information. Hover mouse over the red triangles in the right corner of certain cells for added instructions. Delete the cells that you are not using (example: If you are only taking 4 courses per semester, delete the info from the other course cells).

When you start at the top of the worksheet, you will need two numbers from your transcript, the HGPA (put under Attempted Credits) and your Q.Pts. (put under Quality Points). This should then calculate your current GPA (or close to it).

Step 3.  Complete the  Individualized Academic Plan (IAP) Template found under the "Documents to Download" section of this page. The GPA worksheet should be used as a reference to complete the first section of the IAP. After completing the study plan section, sign and date the document.  Please fill out the plan completely. Be sure to rename the files following this format: last name, first name, IAP, date (example: Smith, Joe, IAP, 7-13-17). Rename the GPA Worksheet using this format: last name, first name, GPA Worksheet, date (example: Smith, Joe, GPA Worksheet, 7-13-17). These files should be sent electronically to Dr. Darrin Martin, Director of Academic Support and the ACE at Students should complete electronically and email. On the signature line, students should place the student ID as an electronic signature. If a student prefers to do so, he or she may also print, sign, scan and then email to Dr. Darrin Martin. Should there be questions, please email Dr. Darrin Martin at or call 276-326-4220.

Individualized Academic Plan documents

Use this Excel spreadsheet to calculate a GPA from semester to semester.  Please be careful when completing the worksheet.  Deleting certain formulas may cause the calculations to work improperly.  If this happens download a fresh copy and begin again. Be sure to delete cells that are not being used (example: If you are only taking 4 courses, delete the other course cells).

(.xlsx, 20K)

The Student GPA Worksheet should be used as a reference to complete the first section of the Individualized Academic Plan (IAP) Template. After completing the GPA Worksheet section and the study plan section, sign and date the document. Send the completed IAP Template to Brenda Workman at

(.docx, 31K)