• Can a postsecondary school deny my admission because I have a learning disability?

No, as long as you meet the essential requirements for admission.


• Do I have to inform a postsecondary school that I have a disability?

No. However, you must identify and document your disability (at your expense) if you wish to receive special accommodations. You must also provide documentation at the beginning of a school semester.  Accomodations will not be retroactive.


• What academic adjustments must a postsecondary school provide?

Academic adjustment does not include lowering or making substantial modifications to essential requirements. Appropriate adjustments are made on the basis of your disability and needs, and may include auxiliary aids and services such as priority registration, untimed tests, note takers, substitution of courses, or other methods.


• If I want an academic adjustment, what must I do?

Because postsecondary schools are not required to identify you as disabled nor assess your needs, you must inform the school about your disabilities if you wish to request academic adjustment. The college will require you to follow reasonable procedures to document your disabilities. You may request academic adjustment at any time, but the earlier the better, as some adjustments take more time than others. It is your responsibility to get and provide necessary documentation. Again, accomodations will not be retroactive.


• May a postsecondary school charge me for providing academic adjustments?

No. You will be charged the same for activities and programs as all other students.