Students admitted to the college are expected to maintain satisfactory academic standing, which requires a cumulative quality point average of 2.0 (C) or better in their total program of courses and minimum 2.0 in the course work of their major areas of specialization.


Academic Warning

Academic Warning means the student’s Bluefield College cumulative GPA is below 2.00 but above the level specified for Academic Probation. The status is designed to place the student on notice that improved performance must occur or further academic disciplinary action will result. While a student is on Academic Warning, the College will make varied academic support services available to assist the student toward improved performance. In the first semester on Academic Warning, the student is required to meet with the Director of Academic Support Services and develop a study plan for improvement of the GPA. A student will remain on Academic Warning until the Bluefield College cumulative GPA is at least 2.00 or until placed on Academic Probation.

Academic Probation

The Office of the Registrar reviews the academic progress of students at the end of each semester and places those students who fail to maintain a Bluefield College cumulative GPA higher than the minimum level required (see scale below) on academic probation. Academic Probation indicates a student’s continued enrollment at Bluefield College is in jeopardy. The College desires to see the student succeed and will make available varied academic support services to assist the student toward improved performance. However, the primary responsibility rests with the student to improve to the required level for continued enrollment.


Students placed on Academic Probation for the first time will be required to enroll in ACS 1012 Academic Success Seminar in the semester immediately following their notice of Academic Probation; for example, students placed on Academic Probation for the first time at the conclusion of the Spring semester must take ACS 1012 Academic Success Seminar in the Fall semester.  Any student may elect to take this course; although it does not satisfy any Bluefield College graduation requirements, its credit hours may be used for determining athletic or financial aid eligibility.  


A student on Academic Probation will not be permitted to take more than 14 hours, unless enrolling in ACS 1012 Academic Success Seminar causes the student to exceed 14 hours by no more than 2 credit hours. No student on probation may represent the school in athletics, choir, chorale, or other official school-sponsored activities.


Notice of Academic Probation will be printed on the permanent student transcript maintained in the Registrar’s Office. A student will be removed from Academic Probation upon attainment of a minimum Bluefield College cumulative GPA for total number of credit hours attempted . The minimum Bluefield College cumulative GPA requirements are as follows:


BC Hours Attempted             Minimum BC Cumulative GPA

0-57                                         1.75

58+                                          2.0


Prior to registration for each semester in which a student is on Academic Probation, the student must meet with his or her advisor and the Director of Student Success to work out an appropriate plan for achieving the required level of academic success.

Continuing Academic Probation

Students who do not meet the required GPA may be granted one probationary semester in which to raise their average. Any student who fails to meet the conditions of academic probation is subject to suspension.

Students admitted on Academic Probation must meet the requirements stated in their letters of acceptance, which include enrolling in ACS 1012 Academic Success Seminar.

Academic Suspension

Academic Suspension means all attempts to improve have been unsuccessful and the student will not be allowed to continue enrollment at Bluefield College for a specific period of time. The first time a student is placed on Academic Suspension it is for one semester. A student who receives a second suspension may not return to the College for a full calendar year following the date of suspension. Students dismissed a third time for academic reasons are ineligible for readmission to the college. 

Readmission for Academically Suspended Students

 After an absence of at least one semester following the first notice of academic suspension, students will be required to submit an application for readmission to the Admissions Department.  Readmitted suspended students will be on academic probation for their first semester.




Academic Appeal Provision

Students have the right to appeal any action placing them on Academic Suspension. A decision to readmit is made only when a student presents compelling evidence that he or she can perform academically at a level needed to graduate from Bluefield College. An appeal must be made by the student in writing by using the academic appeal form and directing it to the Admissions Appeals Committee. The form is available online in MyBC under the Academic Jeopardy section on the Academic Center for Excellence page.


The academic appeal form should be emailed to: The Academic Appeals Committee will review the student’s appeal and make a recommendation to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Vice President will render a decision in consultation with pertinent faculty and/or administrative offices.



Important note: In all cases the student must follow the proper procedure or the appeal will be invalid.