Bluefield College

Your records are maintained under the provision of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). The act seeks to protect the studentís right to access to the studentís records to persons authorized by the FERPA regulations or by the student.

Parents of dependent students (as deined under FERPA) have the same rights of access and review as the student. Exceptions will be made if requested by you, in writing and accompanied by proof of independence, as deined by FERPA. Requests for such exceptions should be directed to the registrar.

The College reserves the right to contact your parents (or a physician of your choice) when, in the opinion of the College, notification is necessary to protect your health, well being, and safety, or that of others.

You may inspect your educational records maintained by the College in accordance with FERPA guidelines. Directory information, as listed below, is public unless the student requests, in writing, of the registrar that all or part of such information not be published or made available:

No other information will be made available unless the student gives Bluefield College written permission to release information to specific individuals regarding academic progress, student conduct, and financial affairs. An exception may include notification of appropriate individuals in a health or safety situation OR if a student meets the IRS Code definition of a dependent.

Access to any other information, except by persons authorized by the student or the dependent studentís parents, is strictly limited in accordance with the FERPA regulations.

A copy of Blueield Collegeís policy RIGHT TO INSPECT AND REVIEW ACADEMIC RECORDS is available in the Registrarís Office.