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The Praying Ram

Deus, Patria, Lux

So over the last few President’s Convocations and graduation ceremonies, I have found myself looking at the seal on the front cover of the program and musing over the meanings and origins of the three Latin words on the bottom—Deus, Patria, Lux. Today, we consider Deus.  Patria and Lux will follow.

Deus: Is simply translated “God.” The simplicity of that reminds me a bit of God’s discussion with Moses regarding His name. In Exodus 3 when Moses is being told to go back to Egypt and tell Pharaoh to let the children of Israel go. At one point Moses asks, “who should I tell them sent me?” God gives him the somewhat perplexing response of, “I AM that I AM!” One of the things I notice in scripture is that God never defends Himself or tries to prove the reality of who He is—He is God or Yahweh or Jehovah, but He just IS. He was before all things and by Him alone all things exist. His glory and power and wisdom and love and patience and any other attribute you might employ all are insufficient to describe who He truly IS. And in spite of that, He still reached down to us and woos us to Himself because He Love US.
Dr. Martin Offield
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